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Our Story

From our family to yours.

Wildhaven Wools was born out of a need and a creative spark. I love to make things for people, I always have. Here is the story of how this thing I made became a business that I truly love and believe in.

When my kids were younger, they would wear poly base layers or cotton under their rain and snow suits. They would complain that they were cold or hot or sweaty. They were uncomfortable. It would cut our outdoor play sessions short. They weren't able to be present in nature and neither was I. We were all unhappy.


But I knew how important outdoor play is for kids. I have the most wonderful memories of being lost in the woods as a child. I wanted that for my children. So I pulled out my sewing "superpower" and decided I'd make them some really good wool base layers.


To start, I found a "grow-along" pattern that would last. Merino wool is expensive! If I was gonna make fancy base layers for toddlers, they better work for more than one season. I pulled out some merino wool jersey I was saving for a special project and started to sew. 


From the moment my kids put them on, they loved them. They were so cute and comfy! We took some pictures and put them on Instagram, just to brag a little ;). Then some amazing friends believed in me and ordered some for their kids...

Wildhaven Wools was born.

Turns out those wools are not only my kids favorite layers, they are some of their favorite clothes, period. They even like to wear them as pajamas! And I have continued to modify the design to make them the very best layers for kids. Details like putting dark colors on the cuffs (duh) and reinforced patches on the knees. A lot of thought and testing goes into our products and I think our customers would agree with me that it shows.

That is the other AMAZING thing that these wools have built. Our customers are the absolute best! We are building a community of like-minded families who value outdoor play, sustainability and

small business. I am so proud of all we have done here at Wildhaven and excited to see what the future brings!

Thank you for your support!



The first set of wools.

Satisfied Customer!



Comes first, always. The center of everything we do.


Connect. Support. Serve.


Premium materials and durable seams.

Always working to improve our designs.


Carefully sourced materials, grow-along designs, friendly processes.

Good for our families and our earth.

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