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Our Wools

Designed for all-day all-weather outdoor play. Made from sustainabily sourced merino wool. Produced in small batches in our studio in Haines, Alaska.

Our wools are different. Here is a look at why.



Our Design

We want you to buy fewer clothes. Weird right?

Our Signature wools are designed so you will only need one set to last several years. They have long cuffs and wide waistbands to expand as your kid grows. We don't want you to buy lots of them. We want you to buy one set and wear them everyday.


Hopefully, then you pass them down, again... and again. We also provide no-sew patch kits to help them hold up and will repair seams if the bust. At the end of their life, they can composted back to the earth.

We strive to make clothes that have a minimal impact on our earth. That is what being a "sustainable" clothing brand means to us.


Our Fabrics

We are committed to using sustainable fabrics in our products. Our merino wool comes from two sources: (1) manufacturers with the highest eco and human welfare standards and (2)"deadstock".

(1) The fabric producers we work with source their wool from New Zealand, the best in the world. They work hard to minimize the impact of fabric production from caring for the sheep through the manufacturing process. Our manufacturers are both ZQ and OEKO-TEK certified.

(2) Our other fabric source is deadstock. "Deadstock" is waste fabric; fabric that was bought by another company and not used for some reason, often it is overstock. We have less information on the exact origin of these fabrics but we know they are 100% merino wool from New Zealand or Australia. By using deadstock fabric, we are reducing new fabric production and keeping fabric waste out of landfills.

Sheep in Open Fields


Product Testing

In the design stage, patterns and fabrics are chosen, tested and modified to find the best fit and function. Our products are worn by real kids playing outside. They are worn in all kinds of weather, stained, washed and worn again. That's how we know they work and will hold up.


Satisfaction Guarentee

Yep, I feel like an infomercial saying it but "we offer a 100% money-back guarentee".

How can we do this as a small business?

We believe in our products. We think they are the best and we stand behind them 100%. 

We guarantee our seams, if they rip, we will repair them. We also send permanent iron on patches for snags,

just ask!

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