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Resources to help get our kids outside and engaging with nature

Sometimes I have brillant ideas for fun ways to play outside with my kids, other days I struggle. Below are a few resources for those times when you need some inspiration.

Do you have any favorite online resource for activities to help engage your kids with nature? Any good books to recommend? Put them in the comments below!

Rain or Shine Mamma

Linda is the author of several books including There's No Such Thing As Bad Weather: A Scandinavian Mom's Secrets for Raising Health, Resilent, and Confident Kids. She also has a new book coming out soon: The Open Air Life. Her books are full of insight and

ideas for spending time outdoors with kids and her website is no different. There are tons of ideas for activities, tips and tricks and wise advice from a mom who lives the life she preaches.

*Full Disclosure - Linda and I are working together on a giveaway Oct 1st! Follow our Instagram accounts so you don't miss it: @rainorshinemama @wildhavenwools

Raising Little Shoots

"Never be within doors when you can rightly be without" - Charlotte Mason

I really love the content on this site and the playful nature of the books Lynn has created. Although the books are loevly, there is also a lot fo free content on this site as well to help you and your child engage outdoors. She also has many lists of other resources to send you down a delightful nature school rabbit hole!

Forest Schooled

Forest Schooled website has a plethora of free and paid resources for a "nature-rooted learning journey". I was, naturally, smitten by the craft tutorials and excited to try them with my kids soon. If we ever get our act together and get a forest school started in Haines (come on friend let's do it!), this would be a first stop for professional guidance.

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